Transus Instruments Pty Ltd was established in August 2012, as a fully independent Research and Development service provider.

Transus Instruments has its headquarters in Hobart, Australia. The principals, and founding partners, are based in Australia, North America and Europe.

Each of the principals brings with them decades of experience and each has contributed to the development of a broad range of ultrasonic flowmeters and other instruments. Their shared knowledge of the industry is unmatched, and enhanced by previous experience in senior management positions in other leading companies. In 2016 Transus Instruments introduced the UIM 4F custody transfer 4 path gas flowmeter and the UIM-3 3 path general purpose gas flowmeter. See the Products page for details.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the world in the development of accurate, efficient and robust ultrasonic metering products, providing unique solutions for harsh application metering, as well as significantly reducing the cost of ownership to our customers.

Past Projects and technology

In our company’s short history, we have established a track record of innovative products, including:

  • The patented Broadband Continuous Wave (BCW) system, which allows the simultaneous interrogation of several ultrasonic paths, with improved response time, SNR and power usage.
  • A custody transfer flowmeter based on the BCW.
  • A high accuracy, low power, low cost Intrinsically Safe flowmeter.
  • Low cost, high efficiency gas tranducers for hazardous areas and harsh environments.

Our capabilities

Transus Instruments can support any phase of your project development cycle from concept development to industrialisation.

We are a team of highly qualified engineers in all relevant disciplines, including a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Manager, who coordinates project reporting and ensures that goals, budgets and timelines are met.




saul  8-Picture


Saul is the Chief Technical Officer and one of the founding partners of Transus Instruments.  He received the BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  Saul has been working in the field of ultrasonic flowmetering and process instrumentation for over thirty years.

From 1980 to 1984, he developed ultrasonic instruments for particle size analysis, temperature measurement, and flow measurement at the Council for Mineral Technology in South Africa.  From 1984 to 2003, he worked for Panametrics Inc, Waltham, MA (later GE Panametrics) in various R&D roles, attaining the position of Vice President of Product Development.  At Panametrics, he led the development of ultrasonic flowmeters for single-phase liquids, two-phase fluids, and for various gases and steam.

Saul won the Vaaler Award in 1992 for the PT868, the first ever handheld portable ultrasonic flowmeter.  He conducted much of the pioneering work in clamp-on gas flowmetering, and is co-inventor of the CTF Tag-Correlation Flowmeter, which is the only low pressure clamp-on gas flowmeter in the marketplace today.

In 2003, Saul joined Endress and Hauser Flowtec, Reinach, Switzerland, where he worked on low power electronics for ultrasonic flowmeters and ultrasonic gas analysis of binary gases and pseudo binary gases. From 2007 until 2012, prior to founding Transus Instruments, he worked in Australia as an independent consultant, specialising in flow measurement and gas analysis.


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Arjan is Chief Engineer and one of the co-founders of Transus Instruments.
He received his BS, Electronic Physics Degree in 1996 from Hogeschool Rens & Rens in The Netherlands.  Since then, Arjan has been working in the field of process instrumentation, specialising in ultrasonic flowmetering.  From 1996 to 2003, he was an application engineer with GE Panametrics (GE Sensing/Measurement & Control) and played an important role in field testing clamp-on gas flowmeter developments.

From 2003 to 2007, Arjan assumed the role of Lead Engineer in the Global Application Engineering Group within GE Sensing and worked on liquid and gas custody transfer product developments.

In 2007, he joined Elster-Instromet where he worked until 2013 as R&D Manager, heading the development of a full metal ultrasonic transducer and the Q.Sonic-plus ultrasonic flowmeter, a leading product in the natural gas custody transfer metering market.


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John is Chief Software Engineer and one of the founding partners of Transus Instruments.  He has been writing software and designing systems since the early 1980s.  John attained Magna Cum Laude in the BS of Computer Engineering undergraduate program at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.  He then studied Electrical Engineering and Microprocessor Electronics at the University of Lowell, MA.

John established a systems and software design consulting company in the 1980s.  This led to a contract consulting with Panametrics Inc, Waltham, MA (later GE Panametrics and GE Sensing).  Working in Product Development, John was involved in the system architecture, design and implementation of numerous products in process control and ultrasonic flow measurement, including ultrasonic meters for measuring liquids, gases and steam, utilising both wetted and clamp-on transducer designs.  John became Senior Design Engineer in Systems Architecture until 2008, when he left General Electric to join Elster Instromet.  There, John continued working on software design and system architecture for Elster Instromet’s line of ultrasonic meters, until assuming his current role at Transus Instruments in 2013.

John has nearly twenty years of experience working with ultrasonic meter software and electronics design, and he has been extensively involved in product testing and calibration while bringing products to market.

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