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Transus Instruments is a company dedicated to design, engineer and manufacturing of flow metering solutions based on ultrasonic technology.
We are an ISO 9001, PED and ATEX/IECEx Certified company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the world in the development of accurate, efficient and robust ultrasonic metering products, providing unique solutions for harsh applications metering, as well as significantly reducing the cost of ownership to our customers.

Expertise &

Transus Instruments was founded by senior engineers in 2012, with a mission to revolutionize the ultrasonic gas flow metering technology. With over a century of combined industry experience, the founding principals identified deficiencies in the existing ultrasonic flow metering market and left senior positions at other leading companies to create something completely new.

In pursuing their vision to lead the world in the development of accurate, efficient and robust ultrasonic metering products, the Transus Instruments team have addressed the complex nexus of harsh application metering, environmental sustainability, user experience, and significantly reducing the cost of ownership to customers.

Transus Instruments now offer four iterations of their ground-breaking UIM Series Flowmeters; the UIM-1/UIM-2 for flare gas, vent gas, fuel gas, process gas and biogas, the UIM-3 for precise and reliable flow measurement in harsh environments, the UIM-4F for custody transfer measurements with four paths for accuracy and reliability, and the UIM-4F Duo for enhanced condition monitoring and/or redundancy.

Transus Instruments are proud to offer high accuracy, low power and low cost intrinsically safe products. Utilizing patented Broadband Continuous Wave© signal processing technology and high efficiency titanium transducers, Transus Instruments UIM Series of products are able to provide reliable and precise flow measurements in even the most extreme applications. The UIM-4F meets AGA-9 and OIMLR 137 (class 0.5) international standards for custody transfer metering.

Transus Instruments has Research and Development facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States of America and Australia. Its primary manufacturing facility is located in the Netherlands.   

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