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Assembled Gas Quality System

Pre-assembled and tested gas quality, analyzers and sampling system

Quality, Analyzer and Sampling systems

All high accuracy metering requires representative quality measurement by sampling and analysis. Careful integration of this measurement into the metering systems as a whole is key to accuracy whether it is “stand alone” or mounted into the metering package itself.

Transus designs and builds sampling, analyzers and quality measurements systems to suit your specific metering application.
If you want to know which technology is best suited for any particular case, transus will provide you with support in selecting and installing the system.

For gas metering system we can deliver for example the following quality systems:

  • Gas Chromatograph systems with or without sample condition systems and dedicated conditioned analyzer shelters
  • Automatic sampling systems
  • Density analyzer systems
  • Dew point analyzers
  • H²O analyzers
  • H²S analyzer

For liquid metering system we can deliver for example the following quality systems

  • Automatic sampling systems
  • Density analyzer systems
  • B&SW analyzers
  • LNG Sampling systems

Analyzer shelters

In order to achieve high availability and precise measurements, it is a common practice to install analyzer systems within protection shelters / houses. GGS manufactures analyzer shelters with a complete solution individually made to meet customer needs which can range
from complete air conditioned and sheltered systems to simple rack mounted analyzers to field installation. 

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