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Equipped Control cabinet

Pre-assembled, pre-configured and tested control cabinet and systems

In today's world, even the simplest systems require at least some degree of electronic logic control and monitoring.

At Transus we design, build, test and install Station Control Systems, usually as an integral part of a turnkey metering system but also as separate systems to complement existing Installations.

The Control Unit is usually situated in the Operations Control Centre contains the Flow Computer cabinet with its flow computers, station controllers and all the necessary communications and IT equipment required for collection of data, analysis and diagnostics, and transparent transfer of information.  


As well as being the engine room of the metering skid, the flow computer also provides the required reports and data to the supervisory system. The ability to interface with, and acquire data from, a variety of smart and intelligent instruments including flow meters, density, temperature and pressure transmitters, gas chromatographs is essential.

Flow computers provide a secure and auditable, real time
window to the measurement system. The flowcomputer can
be used stand-alone, but are typically used together with a
station controller or are integrated into gas or liquid metering
systems with a supervisory computer. Our experts can configure
any type of flow computer to meet any international standard  

Supervisory system

Supervisory systems dedicate to metering is part of our portfolio. It takes into account the very specific needs in terms of allocation and fiscal metering. A supervisory computer system performs all functions from a central control system to allow proper dispatching and planning. Special functions include peak shaving, leak minimization, leak detection, historical archiving, prediction, scheduling and planning, maintenance and reporting.

Transus Instruments has extensive experience in supervisory systems specific to gas applications. Such systems solutions are designed in-house by Transus supported by any of the widely available third Party software. All of our solutions can be fully integrated into the operator’s own DCS/SCADA systems and can include additional features such as secure remote communication. 

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