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Two independent accurate fiscal flow measurements in a single flowmeter body

For Custody Transfer Measurement with Enhanced Condition-based Maintenance Capabilities

The UIM-4F Duo consists of two fully independent systems. The main measurement is done by the UIM-4F four path part. The three path system provides a secondary measurement and uses enhanced diagnostics to enable the user to perform condition-based maintenance. In addition, the UIM-4F Duo provides a wealth of information on the condition of the complete metering system.

Traditional setups utilise a secondary measurement with single or dual paths, usually resulting in an overly sensitive system causing false indications of potential application problems such as fouling, flow conditioner blockages etc. By using a three path secondary measurement, which is less sensitive to slight profile changes, the UIM-4F Duo provides the diagnostics needed to detect potential issues.

The UIM-4F Duo path layouts are significantly different as the paths are oriented at different chord locations. Therefore, common mode errors are not present as both meters respond differently to profile

  • Highly accurate fully independent Master + Monitor flowmeter system.
  • Available in several independent path configurations (4+1, 4+3, 4+4)
  • Available in sizes from 8" and larger and flange ratings up to 900#
  • Retraction tool available for removal and replacement of transducers under pressure.
  • OIML R137 (class 0.5) certified.
  • Meets AGA-9 recommendation.
  • MID 2014/32/EU approved.
  • Patented Broadband Continuous Wave technology.
  • Extremely low power operation.
  • Simultaneous transmission on two or more paths means very fast response.
  • Fully Intrinsically safe suitable for Zone 0
  • Extensive diagnostic information using TIMCare™ software.
  • Rugged, highly efficient all metal transducers.
  • Extensive range of versatile I/O including optional pressure and temperature sensors for PTZ conversion.
  • RS485 Modbus communication
  • Local graphic display keypad
  • Highly accurate fiscal flow measurement with continuous verification by the secondary measurement.
  • An economical solution where a redundant measurement is required for monitoring and verification.
  • A space saving compact package compared to installing a second meter for verification. Smaller skid sizes and lower installation costs.
  • The four path primary measurement and three path secondary measurement ensure that common problems are detected. Two identical path configurations can miss common mode issues such as pipe blockage.
  • Two fiscal measurements ensure that false alarms are avoided, as is often a problem when using sensitive one or two path secondary measurements.

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