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For Custody Transfer Measurement Four Paths for Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability

The UIM-4F has four paths as standard.

It has been tested to meet the international standards for custody transfer metering including AGA-9 and OIML R137 (class 0.5).

Integration of the flow across the paths provides accurate measurement even with varying flow profiles caused by changes in flow velocity, gas composition and pressure or upstream pipe configuration.

Fast response is maintained by the simultaneous transmission on more than one path using Broadband Continuous Wave processing.

The measured flow profile provides a diagnostic tool. Should one path fail, the Path Substitution Algorithm uses historical flow data to continue reliable flow measurements until the path recovers.

Typical application

  • Custody transfer metering of natural gas and other gases
  • Allocation metering
  • Highly accurate four path custody transfer flowmeter.
  • OIML R137 (class 0.5) certified.
  • Meets AGA-9 recommendation.
  • MID 2014/32/EU approved.
  • Available in sizes from 3" and larger and flange ratings up to 900#
  • Retraction tool available for removal and replacement of transducers under pressure.
  • Patented Broadband Continuous Wave technology.
  • Extremely low power operation.
  • Simultaneous transmission on two or more paths means very fast response.
  • Fully Intrinsically safe suitable for Zone 0
  • Extensive diagnostic information using TIMCare™ software.
  • Rugged, highly efficient all metal transducers.
  • Extensive range of versatile I/O including optional pressure and temperature sensors for PTZ conversion.
  • RS485 Modbus communication
  • Local graphic display keypad
  • The combination of cutting edge electronic processing and rugged and powerful transducers and international certifications result in the optimum solution for custody transfer gas measurement conditions.
  • Simultaneous transmission and fast response provide reliability and accuracy in the most challenging flow regimes and pulsating flow conditions.
  • TIM® (Transus Instrument Manager) software provides extensive diagnostic information to determine the "health" of the flow system, including blockages, build up and up-stream disturbances.
  • On-board diagnostics and flow readings may also be accessed using the LCD and keypad.
  • Complete intrinsic safety means there are no restrictions accessing the display/keypad even in hazardous areas.
  • Full Intrinsic safety also reduces wiring costs and installation costs and greatly simplifies field maintenance.
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