Safety, Accuracy, Economy

The Transus Instruments Advantage


Intrinsically Safer

Safety is paramount. Transus Instruments’ ultrasonic transducers are highly efficient, operating at very low transmitting voltage instead of the high voltage required by other ultrasonic flowmeters, allowing Intrinsic Safety certification with all of its safety and installation advantages.


Certified Accuracy

Fiscal flowmeters must be accurate. Transus Instruments natural gas ultrasonic flowmeters are certified to the highest international accuracy standards, meeting OIML, R 137-1 (2012) “Gas Meters” Accuracy Class 0,5 and the AGA-9 Recommended Practice for custody transfer metering.


Economy by Design

Simultaneous transmission along multiple paths is unique. It enables Transus Instruments to achieve high performance plus enhanced condition-based maintenance capability in a compact design with fewer paths and less hardware than conventional ultrasonic meters.

ransus Instruments 
is a manufacturer and supplier of ground breaking Ultrasonic Flowmeters and Ultrasonic Transducers. Transus Instruments’ UIM Series of Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters use our patented Broadband Continuous Wave© signal processing and high efficiency titanium transducers to provide reliable and precise flow measurement even in the most extreme applications. The UIM 4F has four paths as standard. It has been tested to meet the international standards for custody transfer metering including AGA-9 and OIMLR137 (class 0.5). The UIM-3/3F has 3 paths as standard. It is designed for industrial applications such as flare gas, shale and coal seam gas, landfill and biogas as well as process gases. Please see our Products page for details.

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Introducing the UIM-4F DUO

The UIM-4F DUO consists of two fully independent measurements in a single flow body. The UIM-4F DUO is available in 4 + 3 version as well as a 4 + 4 version at a lower price than our competitors’ 4 + 1 and 4 + 2 units. In the 4 + 3 version the main measurement is done by the UIM-4F four path and the secondary measurement by the UIM-3 path. The four path measurement is certified to OIML R 137 (class 0.5). By using a three path secondary measurement, the UIM-4F DUO provides the diagnostics needed to detect potential issues. Our competitors typically use only a single path or dual path for their secondary measurement, which does not have the sensitivity to detect small profile changes. The 4 +4 version provides two fully independent measurements with custody transfer accuracy certified to OIML R 137 (class 0.5). For more information visit our Products Page or download the information leaflet.

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